It’s all in the detail.

Craftsmanship is what gave us our heritage, it is what gave us our edge over the competition and it is what saw us become the partner of choice for so many iconic companies and moments in history. Attention to detail for Vaughtons is not something we talk about lightly but rather something that courses through every process we take.

A reputation for excellence. Crafted for over 200 years.

The highest honour for many craftsmen is arguably not in the goods themselves but in the reaction received by their customers. The recommendation and recognition of future customers and the confidence that they have before they even have the first conversation with us.

We can confidently say that we have those honours, and over the years several Royal Families worldwide have recognised our craftsmanship and trusted us to deliver outstanding work for them.

Hand made by highly skilled craftsmen.

It is this craftsmanship that we took to projects such as the FA Cup, the 1908 Olympics, to Aston Martin and to those Royal warrants. As many companies sacrifice craftsmanship for cheaper and easier means of manufacturing we are immensely proud of the fact many of our processes still remain hand made, with our projects being hand touched by experts who carry the honour of our proud history with them every day.

Perfection, Guaranteed.

Not satisfied with our heritage and the recognition of so many great companies and individuals over the years. Vaughtons will not let a single product leave our workshop unless it is perfect and we maintain a zero defect policy for everything we do.

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An insight into our process.

An insight into our process. We allowed Mr JWW to come and see first hand how we process our automotive badges for Aston Martin and allow him to create his own badge for the special edition DBX Q by JWW

Delivering the highest quality workmanship. Every time.