A family company founded over 200 years ago.

Heritage is a unique sense of identity, it defines what we are today and where we are going. Our heritage has been handed down through generations since our founding in 1819 by Philip Vaughton and it is one steeped in some of the most momentous occasions in history.

Buttonmaker, Medalist and Mint.

Starting off in 1819 we are in the iconic Jewellery quarter of Birmingham working out of Little Hampton Street known then as P. Vaughton, before relocating to 135 Constitution Hill and in 1897 becoming Vaughton Brothers, were listed as a Buttonmaker, Medalist and Mint. This was just the start for Vaughtons, as we began to make our mark both figuratively and literally on some of history’s most iconic moments.

An Olympic feat.

In 1906 Mount Vesuvius erupted, meaning that the 1908 Olympic Games were no longer to be held in Rome but were now to be hosted in London and so now the Games of the IV Olympiad known commonly as London 1908 were about to be home to not only the best athletes of the world but also the best medal work. So just as Mount Vesuvius had made its mark on history on so many occasions, Vaughtons made its mark on London 1908. Our expert craftsmanship and legacy of perfection led to our Manufacturer of the Olympic medals, each one of them a symbol of triumph, of greatness and of the unfaltering determination to be the best, something that Vaughtons were the natural fit for.

We also had the privilege of manufacturing the FA Cup, a feat that was in no small part thanks to the Grandson of our founder, Howard Vaughton, a man that still shares the record for the most goals scored in an England International game.

Moving into the fast lane.

We didn’t stop there, our craftsmanship already having passed the test of time, took us to dizzying new speeds. Hairpin corners, needle sharp breaks and an iconic British brand saw us accelerate faster than mankind thought possible as the sunlight bounced off the Aston Martin badge every corner, every twitch of the throttle with Vaughtons right at the front perched on the bonnet for over 60 years.

A shared passion.

History has a way of having greatness find greatness and in 1994 W.H.Darby Ltd took over Vaughtons to expand their operations and with that acquisition our Heritage became intertwined with theirs.

Our shared heritage now covering more moments of history and allowing our craftsmanship to fuse with theirs including their manufacture of medals during WW2, we look to the future and to applying our craft to more moments and icons of the future.

Working together to create perfection for our clients.